Plastic mold maker across the country count on M C Mold to provide the high-quality plastic molds needed to ensure flawless plastic molding parts. For injection, compression, transfer, structural foam and blow molding, we provide molds that are made right and delivered on time. We are also experts in multi-drop hot runner systems, including Incoe Hot Drops, DME Cool Ones, Mold Masters and Husky.

Brothers Mark and Ron Caetta founded M C Mold over 15 years ago. They’ve equipped their talented crew of experienced designers and mold makers with the most advanced design systems and machine tools needed to create accurate, long-lasting molds. The outstanding quality of their molds comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Customers are consistently pleased when they compare M C Mold’s prices to the competitions.

Large plastic injection molds are a specialty at M C Mold. While we make many small molds for customers, it’s the large mold making capability that sets us apart from the competition. Take a walk through our shop and you’ll probably find some of our mold makers finishing molds weighing up to 30-tons for a customer.

Whatever the industry … automotive, housewares, appliances, recreation, military, toys, hardware and others. Whatever the size … for presses ranging from 50 to 3,000 tons. Whatever your need … from prototypes to high production molds. M C Mold is ready to deliver, and deliver it as promised.