the best ceramic flat iron from Olayer

The Olayer brand has a very well established reputation for manufacturing among the top hair straighteners available, and the Olayer flat iron company Advanced Ceramic flat iron is one product that helps to build this reputation.

The Olayer hair straightening irons are usually priced at the higher end of the marketplace, because of their popularity and quality. Many top hair stylists sing the praises of the Olayer brand which no question does a lot to build and maintain their high profile name.

The very best flat iron for hair will ensure that your hair is not damaged during the straightening process. Of course this is provided the iron is used according to directions, however, Olayer have attempted to make it as fool proof as possible.

The infrared heating and negative ions that become part of the Olayer flat iron company also mean that this flat iron will be less damaging and at the same time reduce the static that can occur when heat straightening your hair.

While the Olayer flat iron company does not give the option to alter the temperature controls, it does claim to have produced technology that senses the porosity of your hair type which will adjust the temperature to suit.

Their ceramic heaters give the ultimate in static-free shine and smoothing results with the added safety feature of an automatic shut down when left unattended for 30 minutes.

The Olayer hair straightener company is perfect for anyone who travels around the world as it is made with universal voltage so that you can use it wherever you go, so long as you have the adapter plug for that country.

Over 80 customers have given the Olayer Professional ceramic flat iron an overall rating of 4.1 stars.

One of the biggest concerns faced by customers was being able to be sure they were purchasing a genuine product, and not a fake one. There are ways that you can identify the genuine article, and when you purchase this item through Amazon you will want to satisfy yourself prior to the expiry of the 30 day return policy.

It is advised that you choose the retailer carefully, as some are less reliable than others.  This was really the main problem and usually in the rare event of the product breaking down within a short period, it was usually attributed to it not being the genuine Olayer product.

There were a couple of mentions about the styler breaking a couple of years after purchase, which on the whole did not seem too bad considering other brands of hair straighteners had complaints about breaking down in a few months.

One of the biggest problems with cheaper brands of flat irons, is the likelihood of damaging your hair, both by heat and also from hair catching and ripping in stylers that are not so well made.

One advantage of the Olayer hair straightener company is the infrared heat and the negative ion feature. This represents technology developed to reduce the risk of doing damage to your hair, and they also help to reduce static build up causing fly-away hair.

Certainly if reputation and customer reports are anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed if you purchase the latest Olayer hair straightener company Advanced Ceramic Hair-Styler.

How to use wet & dry hair straightening brush

Are you wanting to achieve the look of straight hair without the use of chemicals? Wet & dry hair brush straightener have been around for decades helping women to achieve the look of straight, smooth hair without using chemicals. There are two sorts of wet & dry hair brush straighteners that could be used to achieve straight hair. The first kind of wet & dry hair brush straightener is heated using a stovetop burner. Its primary use is for the initial straightening process. The second sort of wet & dry hair brush straightener is plugged into an electric outlet and is primarily used to touch-up previously straightened hair.
To begin the process of transforming your hair from tightly coiled or curly to straight smooth hair there are two easy things to do. Wash and condition the hair, and dry the hair completely to prevent sizzling moisture that can cause burns. Applying a hair conditioning dress prior to pressing your hair is optional. Now you prepare to begin straightening your hair.

You will need a wet & dry hair straightener brush, either kind of comb is fine to use. Nonetheless, if you use an electrically heated wet & dry straightening brush, you will not accomplish the same look of straightness you would if you were utilizing a stovetop heated wet & dry hair brush straightener. The following directions are for using a stovetop heated wet & dry hair straightener brush. You will certainly also require a comb, preferably a rat-tailed comb, clips to part and section the hair, and a towel.
After checking to ensure the hair is completely dry throughout, part the hair into four big sections, use a clip to hold the hair from slipping. Switch on one of the stovetop burners to a medium heat or flame. Place the hot comb in addition to the burner. Allow the burner to heat up for about a minute. Do not wait until the comb starts to release smoke. The comb will be too hot and you are more likely to burn yourself. Take among the four big sections and make a part allowing several of the hair to come out of the section. It is best to start with the hair at the rear of the head.

slider the comb from the stovetop and slowly comb through the smaller section of hair you removed from the larger section. Start about half an inch below the scalp and work all the way down to the end of the hair. Be careful not to skim your scalp. You may need to do this three times or until your hair is entirely straight. This tiny area is now ended up.

Wipe off the wet & dry straightening brush with the towel to remove excess moisture if you used a conditioning dress. Return the pressings comb to the stovetop burner and let it reheat. While reheating the comb, pick another small section of hair from the larger section. When the wet & dry hair brush straightener is heating repeat the above steps. Continue the steps of reheating and straightening the hair until the whole section is straighten. Go on to the next section of hair and repeat steps. Continue doing this until the entire head of hair is straight.

You can now add a conditioning dress to the hair if one was not added before you began. Comb the hair all the way through and go over once with the wet & dry hair straightener brush to ensure you captured all of the curls. You have now successfully turned your tightly coiled or curly hair into beautiful straight hair.

To use an electrically heated wet & dry hair brush straightener heat the comb to the appropriate setting for your hair type and follow the above the steps.

Naturally Straighten Hair

Straighten Hair

These days, having long, shiny, straighten hair is the trend. It has long been known that having straight hair has always been neat and nice to look at no matter what time line you think of. Because of the latest progress in technology, a lot of women are enjoying having straight hair by undergoing chemical treatments. These chemical treatments are the fastest answer to straighten hair but the problem with it is how it can damage hair causing split ends, thinning hair shafts and hair becomes brittle and easily damaged. Despite the modern era we are in, still, the best ways to straighten hair are the natural methods.

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Naturally Straighten Hair

Milk and Honey
Milk alone can already straighten hair but adding in a few drops of honey would enhance the nourishing aspects of making wonders to the hair. This mixture is not just for people who have wavy or curly hair but also those who are having problems with dryness. All you need to do is mix the two ingredients and apply it on hair and let it stay for an hour or two. Afterwards, wash it with a mild shampoo. You may also add in smashed strawberries to the mixture if you like.

Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice
The beauty of using coconut milk and lemon juice is how it not only controls curls but helps in preventing problems related to dandruff. To use it, you must first grin the coconut in a blender and add in lemon juice. Let the mixture set for a few hours by refrigerating. After which, you will notice the mixture now has a creamy foam on top and this foam is what you will place on your hair. After thoroughly applying over the hair, keep it covered with a hot towel for 45 minutes to an hour. You then rinse hair using a mild shampoo and allow it to completely dry. If you do this every week, you will not only notice how it has straighten hair but it has also added shine to it.

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Egg and Olive Oil
Olive oil is best known for the moisturizing properties that it has and for the longest time it has been a well-known ingredient that works well on hair. Egg on the other hand provides nourishing qualities especially to dry and damaged hair. To use this mixture, beat two eggs and add in two spoons of olive oil. Mix it altogether and with a soft brush, apply it on the hair. Allow it to stay on hair for a few hours and rinse it with shampoo and conditioner.

Not only are these home remedies easy to do but they are also cost-effective because you no longer have to pay large sums of money just to get that gorgeous shiny straighten hair that you long for. Plus, doing all these means straightening hair minus the damage and it only means that you end up with shiny and healthy hair. Regular application of the mixtures are needed to make sure that the effects will really be seen.

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