Ceramic Flat Iron

Women are unpredictable creatures. If they have a natural straight hair they want it to curl from time to time. And vice versa if a woman has natural curly hair she wants it to be straight. So the modern technology allows us to do both – to straighten and to curl our hair. But our aim is to present you a good and reliable flat iron. Just look at Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron from Olayer custom flat irons wholesale company.

This device allows you to have your straightening effortless and doesn’t take time much for it. It’s heats very quickly and only in a minute after turning it on you may start doing your hair. The power lights indicate and inform you that your hair straightener is turned on. While it lights it will be like a reminder for you not to forget to turn it off. Its plates provide even heating. It means that there will be no hot spots on the plates and you will get a wonderful result at once. It won’t be necessary to straighten the same locks for several times. Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron from Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer provides the range of temperature settings up to 450F.

The amount of heat will be enough to get a gorgeous and shiny hair. The plates made of porcelain also protect your hair’s luster. Moreover the producer provides this iron with different plate’s sizes. You can have either 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch plates. It’s you who decide what size will suit you best. And some words about one more important feature. The swivel cord is installed for convenient and tangle-free using.

Women want to have a good hair style all the time. When we are at home we have an opportunity to use different devices and have our hair done without much effort. But if you are away from home it can become a little problem as you need to take these devices with you. For such cases we want to advise you to buy Classic 1” Styler. Usually most of the flat irons are made to be used in a particular country.

The voltage varies from country to country and for example in the USA it’s lower than in Europe. It means that an appliance bought in one country won’t work in another one. Otherwise you will have to use a special voltage converter. With this flat iron you won’t have such problems. It has a universal voltage and works from 10V to 230V. If you travel a lot you definitely need to buy this model. Moreover its light weight and compact design allow it not to take a lot of place in your suitcase. The width of the installed plates in Classic 1” Styler is only 1 inch. Besides its main function, which is to straighten the hair it can also wave and curl it.

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You will be able to save your money and buy only one appliance for both straightening and curling instead of two for different hairstyles. The plates are also made of ceramic. This material provides even heat distribution and straightens your hair easily, quickly and without much effort. And it helps your hair to be smoother and have a wonderful look for the rest of the day. The automatic shut off function turns the flat iron off in 30 minutes if you forgot to do it yourself.