CNC machining

Plastic products producers expect their mold makers to have fast, reliable and accurate CNC equipment, able to economically produce molds to precise tolerances. That’s exactly what they find at M C Mold.

We are a total CNC shop, with high-precision machine tools capable of following even the most precise and intricate toolpaths. We are able to build molds as small as a thimble, but our special talents are in the large molds produced on our massive machine tools able to handle molds as large as 36,000 pounds.

Twenty-four hours a day, you’ll find our mold makers hard at work to ensure no customer deadline is ever missed. We know that customers won’t come back to a supplier that doesn’t deliver as promised. That’s why we will turn away work before we make a delivery commitment that we aren’t positive we can meet. When we promise a delivery date, you can rest assured we will meet it.

And our fast turnaround time is going to be even faster, as we move toward high-speed machining capabilities able to cut metal at 400 inches/minute.