Advanced technology helps M C Mold provide faster turnaround with higher quality and lower cost. Rather than follow the industry, we try to lead it by acquiring the most up-to-date design systems available. Because our customers rely on a variety of design software, our engineers are proficient with all the major packages, including Pro/Engineer, AutoCad, Mechanical Desktop, Cadkey, Cimitron and others. We never want to tell a customer, “Sorry, we can’t handle that file type.”

We’ve designed everything from basic high-volume open/closed molds to highly complicated molds utilizing all type of internal movements: lifters, internal/external slides and slides with movement within slides. We are also experienced in designing molds with internal/external threads utilizing devices like chains, gears, rack & pinion, motors and cylinders to activate movement.

We don’t always work from design files. In some cases, customers send us a simple concept drawing or prototype and rely on our engineers to produce both the product and the mold designs concurrently. By doing so they benefit from reduced in-house design costs. And because we design the part and the mold hand-in-hand, we can optimize the product and the mold for maximum manufacturing efficiency.

Whether we build plastic mold from design files, or from a simple concept drawing or model, the customer gets a finished mold that is designed and built to ensure fast cycle times and trouble-free production.