midplane models

1. Our midplane models are very accurate with best mesh quality. Usually the quality of our midplanes is much better than most fusion models made automatically by Moldflow. 

2. The size of midplane is far less than of fusion models with the same level of details. But in most cases midplane is more detailed model.

3. It is possible to have 3 rows or more of elements on most ribs (it is the minimal requirements for warpage analysis) but keep the very reasonable size of the model. Usually we can see only two or even one rows of elements on ribs in case of automatically created fusion models. It is not good for the flow analysis and definitely bad for warpage analysis.

4. Using midplane model it is more easy to check different thicknesses of ribs in case of problem with filling or warpage.

5. Using midplane model it possible to fully control the thicknesses distribution also in cases difficult for fusion analysis. For example we can accurate represent places on the model at spasmodic change of thickness on a small interval. Such places very important for good analysis but very difficult for fusion models. Usually fusion models gives you very rough results in such cases.

6. For thin-walled parts midplane model are better because fusion model is too rough in thickness’s calculation.

7. The calculation of midplane models is faster. This is important for complex models and in cases of multiple calculations with the aim to find a best solution.