Mold Manufacturing Machine

2-Station Silicon Graphics Cad/Cam System

We are currently using SDRC CAMEX CAM SYSTEM to do 3-D Wireframing and Complex Surfacing. These systems allow us the flexibility of translating files from virtually any other system. We also are using Cimation, version 10.6

In-House Design

Our Staff of experienced Design Engineers are currently designing in Pro/Engineer with tooling and machining modules V21, Autocad Mechanical Desktop R13 and CadKey 96R1.

8 CNC Machines Interfaced With 3-D Cad/Cam System

  • TOS CNC Horizontal Boring Mill with X-144″ Y-78″ 26,000lbs. Table capacity
  • Three Okuma-Howa 5V-NC Machining Centers with X-42″ Y-22″ Z-22″; 3,500 lbs. Table capacity
  • One Comet Vertical Bridgemill Machining Center with X-83″ Y-59″ Z-28″; 10,000lbs. Table capacity
  • One Robotool CNC Vertical Knee Mill with X-24″ Y-14″ Z-15″
  • Two Lagunmatic CNC Vertical Knee Mills with X-32″ Y-17″ Z-7″; 1500 lbs. Table capacity

Horizontal Boring Mills

  • 5″ Comet with 55″x60″ Travels 11,000lbs. Table Capacity
  • 3″ Meuser with 38″x52″ Travels 7500lbs. Table capacity
  • Kearney & Trecker with 16″x30″Travels

8 Vertical Mills

  • Six Bridgeports with 42″x12″x15″ Travel and all equipped in Tri-onics Digital Readouts.
  • Two Miteks with 10″x50″ Travel equipped with Newall Digital Readouts and Align Power Feeds.

7 Grinders

  • Chevalier; 12″x24″ Surface Grinder fully automatic
  • Reid Surface Grinder; 5″x18″ travel
  • Yuasa Surface Grinder; 5″x18″ travel
  • Harig Sruface Grinder; 6″x18″ travel
  • Mitek Surface Grinder; 9″x18″ travel
  • Gorton Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Covel Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

2 Lathes

  • Monarch Tracer Lathe; 18″x72″
  • South Bend Tool Room Lathe; 14″x60″

6 E.D.M. Centers

  • Xermac X-80ST E.D.M. Tank Capacity 120″x5″x27″ and 30,000 lbs. Capacity.
  • Lugun Vertical Knee Machine with Universal Head for all positions burning; X-42″ Y-14″ Z-15′ Travel; Tank Capacity 42″x20″x15″; ERM HP 60 AMP Power Supply.
  • Cincinati Royal Scotsman Elcktrajet Discharge Machine; 30″x60″x36″ work area; Xermac 60 AMP Power Supply; Sony Digital Readout.
  • Sodick CNC E.D.M. Machine; Work Inner Dimensions 43″x31″x17″.
  • Easco Sparkatron E.D.M. Machine with 24″x16″x12″ work area; External 20 AMP Power Supply; Tri-onics Digital Readout System.
  • Mitek MK-75 E.D.M. Machine with Tank Capacity 27″x46″x20″ 75 AMP Power Supply.

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • 20 Ton Overhead Crane
  • Kolb Radial Arm Drill Press
  • Linde 400 AMP Heliare Welder
  • Marvel 24″ Vertical Band Saw
  • 500 Ton Fitting Press
  • Tarus Gun Drilling Machine

Fully Equipped Bench Department

Polishes to No 1 Diamond Finishes