Plastic Mold Compay

In today’s constantly changing business environment, it is difficult to find and keep highly specialized engineers and plastic mold company. But the Internet has given us a unique opportunity not only to communicate but also work together on projects in thousand kilometers from each other.

Now your choice is not restricted to limit of your country. Today you can select the best solutions with the best price worldwide!!!

3D Point is an engineering and plastic mold company dedicated to providing exceptional engineering services for our clients locally and worldwide. Mechanical engineering is our primary area and especially the plastics industry. Our primary goal is to bring quality engineering to our customers in hopes that it will enable them to manufacture its products and associated tooling, faster, better and more economically.

Various manufacturers and plastic molding shops have filled that void by contracting us, per project, to serve on their engineering team. Mold Design, mold making, 3D Product Design, FEM Analysis, Midplane Mesh for Moldflow model it is an only shortlist of our experience.

Reasonable Prices, Extensive Experience, Solid Foundation of Education and Ongoing Training gives us the competitive edge.

Thank you for considering us.