Plsatic Molding Technology

Georgetown, MA—By helping to ensure positive identification of components, a new Plsatic Molding Technology from UFP Technologies, Inc., is said to enable companies to establish better organization, control, and accountability. UFP Technologies, a manufacturer of custom engineered packaging materials, recently introduced its Part Number in the Pocket (PNP) technology (U.S. Patent #08034462) for positive component identification. The company’s case inserts and totes, when used with PNP labeling technology, are said to ensure positive component identification and protection for the industrial, medical, military, automotive, EMS, and shipping/packaging industries. Applications are reported to include medical/surgical instruments and kits, electronic components, production tools, and field maintenance tools, in addition to manufactured parts.

Part Numbers in the Pocket are located in the bottom of a tool or component silhouette pocket/cavity and are protected by a clear, plastic laminate. Useful for reordering components or specialty tools, the technology permits the user to know the exact part number when requesting a replacement.

Available in materials such as fabricated foams, laminated composites, and conductive/anti-static materials, UFP’s case inserts and tote liners with PNP labeling technology are said to enhance inventory control, component accountability, organization, security, and aesthetics. Case inserts or tote liners can be water jet cut or CNC routed, and are therefore easily revised without custom injection mold. According to the company, they provide a cost-effective solution for low-to-medium volume applications. Case inserts can be designed to meet individual customer specifications and budgets, as well as more stringent applications.